Storage management of raw materials and components (auxiliary material).


  • Layout and warehouse distribution inspection.
  • Possible improvements in capacity, lanes, bays and shelves.
  • Statistics on flows and quantities (raw material / auxiliary / finished product), reference numbers, average stock by reference and rotation.
  • Own risk assessment and quality parameters, according to the industrial sector and the know-how in other facilities.


  • Increase the warehouse capacity.
  • Better use of lanes.
  • Improvement proposal regarding security and industrial hygiene in the facilities, coordinated with the customer’s quality department.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

  • Capacity in the total number of pallets.
  • Warehouse use in the number of pallets / occupied lanes/ free lanes.
  • Own monthly audit.
  • Quarterly report on the action plan.
  • Number of incidences (blows, breakdowns, etc.)