Supply production lines with the necessary raw materials. Removal of finished products for storage.


  • Receive requests of raw materials from the production line.
  • Locate, read and remove information from the system.
  • Prepare raw materials for their use in the production lines and take them to the lines.
  • Remove finished products from the end of the production line.
  • Reading and introduction in the system. Location in the warehouse.
  • Supply and removal of auxiliary materials and packaging.


  • Comprehensive service where just one operator manages traceability -unloading, supplying, removin, loading for the final customer and reusing unused raw materials.
  • The operator is responsible for and verifies the state of all materials during transport.
  • Prevent the entry and accumulation of packaging inside the production plants.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

  • Monthly movements, in, out and double handling.
  • Incidences regarding raw materials.