We go where and when the customer needs us.
Our routes cross Spain but also Europe, where we regularly work import and export transport routes in EU countries and elsewhere.
We strictly adhere to our customers’ instructions, adapting to the transport demands regarding timetables, delivery points, seasonality and any other request.


Transport cost = Price of the trip / Transported units
Our vehicles have a higher load capacity. Therefore, transport costs can be divided among more units and fewer trucks need to be hired.
Increasing the number of transported units reduces the cost of transport.
Transporting more units in each trip reduces the number of trips and the cost, while increasing efficiency.

Trucks with trailers have a capacity of 120m3 and are specifically designed to be used to the maximum.

Width: 2.55 m
Maximum transport weight: 24 Tn


Megatrailers can carry up to 100 m3 or 24 tons and have lateral, upper or back load possibilities. They have roofs that can be raised and adjusted to any load.

Width: 2.55 m
Maximum transport weight: 24 Tn



Thanks to mobile telephone communication with our drivers and GPS location system, we always know where our vehicles are.
Our vehicles have the best technology to improve efficiency and focus on providing the best transport service to our customers, increasing their satisfaction and trust.