Joaquín Rodrigo Pons founded a small family freight business in 1962 in Valencia. AS such, CAR VOLUM draws upon more than 50 years of experience.

First, we carried empty metal containers. Once packaged and loaded, these goods weighed much less than the truck power. Therefore, we had to find the best way and method to increase the load capacity to the maximum.

Since that moment, our growth has been constant and parallel to the expansion and modernization of our services. This has enabled us to access very different sectors, such as packages, packaging, construction materials, toys, automotive, processed plastics, polyurethane foams, paper, cardboard, etc., but with a shared quality – the low ratio between weight and volume.


CAR VOLUM is currently one of the leading companies in high-volume freight transport in Spain. It is renowned for its service quality and expertise in the pursuit of solutions for customers’ logistics problems. Our constant quest for finding the best innovations that are needed to offer the best quality service at minimum costs makes CAR VOLUM a company with a long-term future and constant growth, which incorporates daily new products and services for our customer base.


Our standout elements are our service quality and respect for the environment. Our certificates guarantee that we do what we say – the principles are moved to concrete actions. This is why we are ISO 9001 certified and SQAS (Safety and Quality Assessment Systems) assessed.