Service that groups articles or creates component kits – elements that form the final product, product accessories, etc., to create the selling units of the product.


  • Processes to group articles.
  • Processes to create component kits.
  • Processes to customize the selling units.
  • Product preparation to be “shelf-ready”, ready for the sales point.


  • Reduce product management costs.
  • Increase the flexibility to customize the product presentation.
  • Increase the ability to increase the product’s range of component kits for different customers and sales channels.
  • Accelerate the “time to market” – the time it takes for the product to reach the distribution channels and the market.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

  • Number of product presentations, based on kitting.
  • Time needed to prepare the product groups and component kits.
  • Time needed for the customized product to reach the sales channels and the market.